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Felices Fiestas

Posted on: 24 diciembre 2009

Felices Fiestas

Muchos consideran que éstas son fechas en la cual perdemos el significado y nos volcamos al consumo, pero también son oportunidades para amar, reflexionar y compartir…



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k i dint eat beacose they chose to have no dog so i go a desaster ,day ,and guess wath you cant destroy a chrismas gifth it back like new !!! beleive

they was the sister of a friend there alergic to dog so they chose to let me take my gifth so i dint eat those wild goose

i brooke the CD I by for her before go and all the CD cover was brooke it was over but i look down the CD was in the midle of a mess and like NEW

but its the last time i put my foot there … sorry i told her the wife of the frentch cook HAPPY NEW YEARS AND MERRY CHRISMAS beacos i guess its the last time i put my foot here

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